Counseling & Mental Health






We're proud to be selected to win the 2018 ASCD Whole Child Award for the State of Washington and the 2018 Global "Class Act Award" for Kindness.  For a look at our award winning school culture check out #WildcatNation.  We're also excited to announce the launch of our Student-Led Leadership Podcast: Award Winning Culture coming this fall.  With a school wide focus on creating a Culture of Kindness, Service, and Empathy, the EMS Counseling Center will continue to spearhead exciting new changes with an emphasis on the following theme: WHAT WILL YOU DO FOR OTHERS TODAY?  We're excited to take our PBIS REWARDS program and our Social Emotional Learning program,  CHARACTER STRONG, to the next level.  We look forward to making this the BEST year ever at EMS!!







-Any of the following would be greatly appreciated: Gum, Jolly Ranchers, Mints, small trinkets, seahawks gear, college gear, and EMS SWAG.  Please do NOT send anything with Peanuts or tree nuts!!

-Please bring donations to the counseling center or room 615 Thanks!!



Oct 19 College & Career
Oct 23 Tech Safety (Health Classes)
Oct 25 Tech Safety (Health Classes)
Oct 25 Community Strong
Oct 26 Character Strong/Fun Run

Nov  2 Character Strong
Nov  7 Middle School Conferences
Nov  9 Veterans Day Assembly, Spirit Day
Nov  9 Early Release
Nov 16 College & Career
Nov 21 Wildcat Cafe
Nov 30 Character Strong
Nov 30 Harassment/Bullying (Health Classes)

Dec  7 Character Strong
Dec 14 Character Strong
Dec 14 Harassment/Bullying (Health Classes)
Dec 21 Character Strong

Jan 11 Character Strong
Jan 15 Harassment/Bullying (Health Classes)
Jan 16 Tech Safety (Health Classes)
Jan 18 Character Strong
Jan 25 College & Career
Jan 30 Houston Kraft Assembly

Feb  1 Character Strong
Feb 7 Harassment/Bullying (Health Classes)
Feb  8 Character Strong
Feb 8 Staff vs. Student Game Assembly
Feb 11 Harassment/Bullying (Health Classes)
Feb 12 Harassment/Bullying (Health Classes)
Feb 14 Wildcat Cash Event Valentine's Party
Feb 15 College & Career
Feb 20 Middle School Conferences
Feb 20 Tech Safety (Health Classes)
Feb 22 College & Career Day
Feb 22 Early Release
Feb 25 Tech Safety (Health Classes)

Mar  1 Character Strong
Mar  8 No School
Mar 15 Character Strong
Mar 15 Fun Friday
Mar 18 Spirit Week
Mar 22 College & Career
Mar 29 Character Strong

Apr 8-9 Harassment/Bullying (Health Classes)
Apr 12 College & Career
Apr 18 Harassment/Bullying (Health Classes)
Apr 19 Character Strong, Spirit Day
Apr 22 Tech Safety (Health Classes)
Apr 25 Tech Safety (Health Classes)
Apr 26 Wildcat Cafe
Apr 26 College & Career

May  3 Character Strong
May 10 Character Strong
May 17 ASB (6th/7th)/Connection to HS (8th)
May 24 No School
May 31 College & Career
May 31 Fun Friday

Jun 5 Wildcat Cash Event
Jun  7 Character Strong
Jun 11 Last Day of School (10:55a.m)