2022 - 2nd Semester  Parent Teacher Conferences     

    February 23rd  4:pm – 7:pm 

We are excited to connect with you about the progress of your student.  Each staff member is listed below alphabetically so you can easily find their name.  If you would like to meet with a staff member, please click on their name below and sign up for a Zoom meeting between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday February 23rd.  After signing up, the staff member will email you confirming the time as well as the zoom link for your meeting with them.

If for some reason all available spaces are full or you are unable to attend on the selected times on Wednesday February 23rd, please contact the staff member directly (find email addresses by clicking staff member names HERE) and set up a meeting at that works for the both of you.


Hans Appel

Ben Barr

Peggy Bergstrom

Ben Brost

Rachel Browning

Janene Bush

Nicole Corbin

Jeanne Davis

Sarah Davis

Ann Fraser

Scott Freelund

Chantelle Freeman

Stephanie Hawley

Christopher Hildman

Kim Hobbick

LeeAnn Howes

Doug Lane

Michelle Lane

Amanda LaRiviere

Kevin Laws

Travis McClelland

Alisa McComb

Dillon Miller

Hope Nichols

Kathy Perlot

Diane Peters

George Reddick

Melinda Reddick

Wendy Redfield

Tracy Richter

Jeremiah Robinson

Rozalind Rodgers

Heather Schaef

Tamber Spears

Erin Story

Amanda Torralbo

Ben Travis

Paul Valdez

Jennifer White

Sherri Williamson

Dyan Woodward

Diane Zuhlke