Students Named To State, Regional Music Performance Groups

Students Named To State, Regional Music Performance Groups

Join us in congratulating all our students recently selected for all-state and all-regional performing arts groups by state and national musical education groups. We are thrilled to have students recognized for their musical talents and for them to have the opportunity to share them with those outside our community.

Hanford High School 

  • Jase Conley - All Northwest Jazz Band (Bass)
  • John Paul Custodio - All Northwest Orchestra (Violin)
  • Elise Woollum - All Northwest Choir
  • Dylon Owens - All State Band (Clarinet)
  • Lukasz Kowalski - All State Band (Bassoon)
  • Michelle Fu - All State Symphony Orchestra (Violin)

Richland High School

  • Noel Anderson - All Northwest Mixed Choir
  • Aubrey Scott - All Northwest Treble Choir
  • Jonas Childers - All-State Symphonic Choir
  • Faith Faucheux - All State Symphonic Choir
  • Graceanna Littke - All-State Concert Band

Carmichael Middle School

  • Dylan Bell - Junior All State Orchestra (Cello)

Chief Joseph Middle School

  • Sean Batchelor - All State Mixed choir      
  • Maddie Bare - All State Treble Choir    
  • Gianna Frare Henle - All State Mixed Choir     
  • Harry Pratt - All State Mixed Choir    
  • Elliauni Steinert - All State Treble choir      
  • Aurora Thomas - All State Treble Choir     
  • Kara Wangsgaard - All State Mixed Choir      

Enterprise Middle School

  • Joshua Matthews - All State Baker Band (Timpani and Mallets)
  • Troy Russo - All State Rainier Band – Bass Clarinet
  • Jessie Shi - Junior All State Orchestra (Violin)

Leona Libby Middle School

  • Taryn Boonpongmanee - All State Junior Orchestra (Violin)
  • Caemlyn Singley - Junior All State Youth Choir (Grades 5-6)

Lewis and Clark Elementary

  • Lily Deng - Junior All State Choir (Grades 5-6)